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Manchester Sport Production

The North West of the UK is world-famous for it’s sporting heritage, so of course Beautiful Productions regularly produces films and events with sport at their core.

We provide Production Service and Facilitation to London and non-UK production companies filming with Manchester United and Manchester City Football Clubs as well as producing advertising materials, TV commercials and Stills shoots with clubs such as Liverpool F.C. and Everton.

There are a number of excellent football stadia in the North West such as The Etihad Stadium (home of Manchester City F.C.) and Old Trafford Stadium (home to Manchester United). Anfield and Goodison Park in Liverpool on Merseyside are two further world-class EPL stadia, but smaller venues also exist such as the homes of Bolton Wanderers and Blackburn Rover.

Of course the North is not all about soccer, and Beautiful Produce films and events with local Rugby and Cricket clubs as well as Basketball and Ice Hockey teams.

We are also lucky to have worked with some of the greatest cycling talent in the UK - British Cycling teams love to train in the North West because of the wide variety of terrain.